Jun 10

2017-Hamina, Finland. Men Long tested.

Today we have run Men Long. 13 km. 24 controls visited in correct order !

Expected winning time after the test run: 69 minutes.

We are very happy about terrain, maps and courses !


Jun 09

2017-Hamina, Finland. Competition center checked.

Jouni Lipponen, Event Advisor and Harald checked the competition center this afternoon. Everything looks perfect. The organizer is using their very best people. Tero Föhr is Secretary General and has a lot of experience from military and civilian world championships.


Jun 09

2017-Hamina, Finland. Middle distances tested.

I have this morning run Men Middle. Rain and 12 degrees Celsius. Terrain perfect for a middle distance. The courses are set by experts according to IOF regulations and will offer the competitors some challenges.


Jun 04

2017-Finland. Team manual is published.


The organizer has published the Team Manual (Without competition instructions).


Information. Team manual.



May 27

2017-Finland. The organizer is ready !

In some days we will all meet in Hamina, Finland. The organizer is ready and waiting for us. The terrain in Finland is typical Finnish (of course) and really nice. See the pictures that are taken only days ago !







Mar 12

2017-Finland. Preliminary entries missing !

FlaggThe deadline of preliminary entries was 10th March. See the article dated 20th February. The organizer has received 15 entries only. This means that we are missing many nations. If you want to participate please send in your preliminary entries ASAP (As Soon As Possible). The organizer needs this information for their planning.

Feb 20

2017-Finland. Entry dates !



Entry dates (see the invitation):

10th March: Preliminary entry teams.

10th May: Final entry teams. Former presidents. Former individual champions.

Feb 08

2017-Finland. 6th Championship in Finland.

Kalevi Tarvainen - 2










When we meet in Finland in June Finland is organizing the WMilOC for the 6th time. The picture is from their 1st championship in Dragsvik 1968 and shows the Finnish team. Enclosed you can find a list of the first 50 organizers.

ORGANIZERS 1965-2017

Jan 27

2017 – FINLAND


The organizer has now opened their web page:


See also links.

Jan 16

2017-Handover at the IOF office

Presidential Meeting at the IOF Office




Shortly after New Year met the outgoing President of CISM CSC Orienteering, Lt Col Harald Østbye (NOR) and the incoming president, Lt Col Lars Gerhardsson (SWE), at the International Orienteering Federation’s office in Karlstad, Sweden. Along with Mr. Tom Hollowell, IOF Secretary General and CEO, they discussed various forms of closer cooperation, not least the question of the future organizers of the World Championships.
The meeting in Karlstad is part of the ongoing handover/takeover between Harald Østbye and Lars Gerhardsson. Harald and Lars will work together in the spring of 2017, where Harald completes his service supporting the organizer of the WMOC 2017 in Finland. Lars will in turn focus on the coming events, such as the MWG in China 2019.

Left to right: Lars Gerhardsson, Tom Hollowell and Harald Østbye

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