Nov 28

2018-So far, no organizer WMilOC !

No organizer for 51th World Military Orienteering Championship 2018

We have just received the news that Ecuador unfortunately has announced that they can’t organize the 51th WMOC 2018, says Lt-Col Lars Gerhardsson, PCSC Orienteering. This is bad news for us in the CISM Orienteering family, says Lars. Our friends in Ecuador has been working hard to prepare for the WMOC but in end they had to cancel their responsibility for organizing the championship. Lars continues and says that – for us in the CISM Orienteering Committee we now have to consider two tentative courses of action. First, as soon as possible send a letter to all nations within the CISM Orienteering-family expressing the situation and ask for support finding an new organizer. We will will also open up for creative solutions: carry out the WMOC in connection with other national events and so on. Second, cancel the WMOC 2018 and instead prepare for MWG 2019 in China.


This kind of setbacks occasionally occurs but for us in the Orienteering family, and in a worst case scenario, there will be a 2½-year gap between the WMOC in Finland this summer and MWG in China 2019, says Lars. – But I’m hopeful that we will find an new organizer for WMOC 2018, concludes Lars.”

Best Regards

Lars/PCSC Orienteering

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