Aug 15

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May 05

The 51th WMOC 2018 has been cancelled.

Unfortunately, I’m forced to announce that the 51th World Military Orienteering Championship in 2018 has been cancelled. Since the organizer late last autumn declared that they could not host the WMOC 2018, an intensive work has been carried out in order to find a new organizer. A number of possible nations have been asked, but in most cases the time have been too short to carry out planning and preparation.

I would like to thank everyone who has put time and effort in order to find a solution to the challenge of finding a new organizer for WMOC 2018. Instead, we now should focus on training and preparations ahead of the upcoming 7th Military World Games in China in 2019.

See you all in Wuhan in October 2019!


Lars Gerhardsson

PCSC Orienteering

Dec 21


Worldofo has today’s

Route to Christmas: Day 21 2017

from WMilOC in Finland. See:

Nov 28

2018-So far, no organizer WMilOC !

No organizer for 51th World Military Orienteering Championship 2018

We have just received the news that Ecuador unfortunately has announced that they can’t organize the 51th WMOC 2018, says Lt-Col Lars Gerhardsson, PCSC Orienteering. This is bad news for us in the CISM Orienteering family, says Lars. Our friends in Ecuador has been working hard to prepare for the WMOC but in end they had to cancel their responsibility for organizing the championship. Lars continues and says that – for us in the CISM Orienteering Committee we now have to consider two tentative courses of action. First, as soon as possible send a letter to all nations within the CISM Orienteering-family expressing the situation and ask for support finding an new organizer. We will will also open up for creative solutions: carry out the WMOC in connection with other national events and so on. Second, cancel the WMOC 2018 and instead prepare for MWG 2019 in China.


This kind of setbacks occasionally occurs but for us in the Orienteering family, and in a worst case scenario, there will be a 2½-year gap between the WMOC in Finland this summer and MWG in China 2019, says Lars. – But I’m hopeful that we will find an new organizer for WMOC 2018, concludes Lars.”

Best Regards

Lars/PCSC Orienteering

Jun 17

2017-Hamina, Finland. Best World Military Orienteering Championship ever !


Finland organized our 50th World Military Orienteering Championship in Hamina 10-16 June 2017. The first was organized in 1965 and has been organized annually since then except for three years. Finland asked me years ago to host the 50th Championship. If there is something you really want, you do your very best and the result will be outstanding. In addition to a “normal” WMilOC” they included a number of special activities to celebrate. Finland lived up to her reputation as an organizer and made this Championship a real memory for life. In my final speech I included without any doubts and hesitation:

This has been the best World Military Orienteering Championship ever !

Harald Østbye, Norway

President CISM Sport Committee Orienteering 2000-2016

CISM Official Representative 2017


Jun 15

2017-Hamina, Finland. 15th June. Relay. Poland and Russia !

What a day in the Finnish woods !


1 102 POL Poland 1:25:43 Aleksandra Hornik 27:49
2 101 RUS Russia +1:18 Svetlana Mironova 27:23
3 103 LTU Lithuania +3:18 Sandra Paužzaite 30:50


1 2 RUS Russia 1:39:58 Leonid Novikov 34:38
2 6 EST Estonia +3 Timo Sild 34:45
3 3 POL Poland +1:03 Wojciech Kowalski 35:49

Jun 14

2017-Hamina, Finland. 14th June. Free time. Sightseeing-Dinner in the Bastion-Finnish baseball





Jun 13

2017-Hamina, Finland. 13th June. Long Distance.

For GPS-Tracking see:

Like on the Middle, Timo Sild and Svetlana Mironova took the gold medals.

Flowers men:


1 146 EST Timo Sild Estonia 1:08:08
2 133 RUS Leonid Novikov Russia 1:09:53 +1:45
3 116 POL Wojciech Kowalski Poland 1:10:28 +2:20
4 136 AUT Gernot Kerschbaumer Austria 1:10:34 +2:26
5 124 RUS Valentin Novikov Russia 1:11:11 +3:03
6 83 EST Lauri Sild Estonia 1:11:14 +3:06

Flowers women:


1 323 RUS Svetlana Mironova Russia 48:23
2 337 RUS Anastasiia Rudnaia Russia 49:34 +1:11
3 351 POL Aleksandra Hornik Poland 50:03 +1:40
4 310 RUS Tatiana Ryabkina Russia 50:37 +2:14
5 353 RUS Natalia Efimova Russia 51:05 +2:42
6 340 EST Annika Rihma Estonia 53:03 +4:40

Jun 12

2017-Hamina, Finland. 12th June. Middle Distance.

For GPS-Tracking see:

Men flower ceremony:



1 157 EST Timo Sild Estonia 29:59
2 121 FIN Olli-Markus Taivainen Finland 30:42 +43
3 141 FIN Miika Kirmula Finland 30:51 +52
4 96 RUS Leonid Novikov Russia 31:08 +1:09
5 144 RUS Valentin Novikov Russia 31:15 +1:16
6 120 SUI Jonas Egger Switzerland 31:51 +1:52

Women flower ceremony:



1 350 RUS Svetlana Mironova Russia 29:06
2 352 AUT Ursula Kadan Austria 29:56 +50
3 343 RUS Anastasiia Rudnaia Russia 30:38 +1:32
4 304 RUS Natalia Efimova Russia 32:09 +3:03
5 355 FRA Fanny Roche France 32:24 +3:18
6 344 POL Aleksandra Hornik Poland 32:44 +3:38


Jun 11

2017-Hamina, Finland. 11th June. Opening Ceremony.

A very compact and to the point Opening Ceremony. Brigadier General Jukka Sonninen opened the 50th World Military Orienteering Championships. LtCol Harald Østbye, CISM Official Representative. Pictures of the opening, United Arab Emirates and Palestine.




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