Oct 20

2016-Brazil. Web page.







Oct 19

2017-First visit. Finland is ready !

I spent 17-19 October in Hamina, Finland together with the organizer 2017. The visit was very well planned and organized. To say it in a simple way; they are ready !

I ran the first version of Men Relay. The terrain is typical Finnish. A mix of flat and semi hilly terrain. Mainly pine forest. Many stones. In general very good runability. Men Elite: 5 min pr km. Women Elite: 6 min pr km. Men M60 next year (Harald): 10 min pr km. See the pictures !

Harald Østbye, President CISM Sport Committee Orienteering




Sep 08

2016 Brazil. TRAINING CAMP.


Please find more information under:





Aug 15

2016-Brazil. NEW DATES !

The Brazilian organizer has changed the dates. The new are 17-23 November 2016.

See the enclosed invitation !

Invitation 49 WMC Orienteering August 2016 – NEW

Jul 04

2016-Brazil. 3rd visit by the EA.

2016-07-04-01 WP

The Event Advisor, Ramon Pineiro ESP, was in late June on his 3rd visit in the terrain. He is very happy about the preparations. Both the middle and long in the terrain, and the relay in the town of Buzios. The pictures are all from the middle/long area.

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Jun 27

2017-Place and dates




Place: Hamina, Finland

Dates: 10-16 June 2017


Jun 01

Harald back in CISM – Thanks a lot CISM !

Harald Østbye

CISM decided today to keep me in the position as President of Orienteering untill we have a new one. I have recommended that I stay in my position to include our championship in Finland in 2017. This will be the 50th CISM Orienteering championship. CISM is paying for me.

Apr 05

Harald out of CISM

Harald Østbye

My last 4 year period as President CISM Sport Committee Orienteering was 2012-2015. Norway did in 2015 support me for a new period of 4 years, 2016-2019. This was confirmed by mail to CISM HQ. I was re-elected Oct 3rd 2015. This was stated in a letter from CISM. All my plans and co-operation with CISM and future organizers have been based on this fact.

Later Norway withdrew the support of me. I am for this reason out of CISM. The CISM Sport Committee Orienteering and CISM have worked hard to find a replacement for me. So far no success. This will be a topic at the GA in week 17.

I have the archive, history and will continue to run this web page until we have a new solution.


Harald Østbye

CISM 1984-2015

CSC Orienteering Secretary 1988-1999

President CSC Orienteering 2000-2015

Jan 12


Fin5 2016 orienteering week – best way to prepare for the CISM 2017!

Picture from CISM 2005.


Year 2017 will be the 50th anniversary of CISM orienteering. 2017 competitions will be arranged in June 2017 in Hamina, which is located in the south east corner of Finland, on the coast of Gulf of Finland. 2017 is also the centenary of Finland’s independence so there is a lot of weight to arrange great CISM 2017 orienteering week! After CISM competitions, all orienteers will get together at Jukola Relay in Joensuu.

Fin5 2016 orienteering week, from 10th to 16th of July, is the best opportunity to prepare for the CISM 2017. Competition areas are right next to each other and if competitions aren’t enough, we’ve a lot of high quality training maps.

Fin5 offers a great competition week for the elite classes:

  • price money for the top 3 in H/D21E (2000€ – 1000€ – 500€)
  • three long distance races (65-75min) with map scale 1:15 000
  • one middle distance
  • one sprint on historical city centre of Hamina (WOC sprint team of Finland take part)
  • last competition will be the pursuit so first one in the finish line will be the overall winner!

Event invitation: http://2016.fin5.fi/eng/competitiondetails/eventinvitation

Welcome to Hamina!

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Dec 21

2015 – We can all be proud and all the best for 2016


CISM Orienteering has organizers. Not all sports in CISM have. This is something we can all be very proud of. We have nations that want to organize. We have also runners and former runners who want to organize championships as a payback to CISM, because CISM has given so much to them. I really appreciate such attitude. South Korea is the very best example of this. Let a picture from the MWG 2015 be an example of this.

I wish you all Happy Holidays and the very best for 2016.

Harald Østbye/President CISM Sport Committee Orienteering


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